1. How to filter water

  • Fill the top bucket with water and close the lid.
  • Water will naturally filter down into the second bucket.
IMPORTANT: The filter must be replaced after one year of use.
Quick Tip: Follow the filter cleaning instructions when the water flow becomes too slow.

2. How to clean the bucket

  • Mix 1 teaspoon (5ml) bleach with 1 cup (250ml) water.
  • Wash the bottom bucket with the bleach solution.
  • Let it air dry for 30 minutes then rinse with additional filtered water.

3. How to clean the filter

  • Put on rubber gloves and remove the cotton sock from inside the top bucket.
  • Rinse the cotton sock in water until clean.
  • Using a non-metal scrubbing pad, gently rub the surface of the ceramic filter to remove any dirt particles.
IMPORTANT: Never use soap as it will damage the filter.
Quick Tip: Your drinC water bucket comes with a filter already installed and only needs to be replaced after about 12 months. Shake the filter every 3 months or so to dislodge any debris and extend the life of your filter.

4. How to replace the filter

  • Open the bottom bucket and unscrew the wing nut and washer from the stem of the old filter.
  • Open the top bucket and remove the old filter.
  • Remove the new filter from its box and unscrew the wing nut.
  • Place one washer on the stem of the filter.
  • Put the stem of the new filter into the hole in the top bucket and through the hole in the bottom bucket.
  • Place the other washer and the wing nut onto the stem of the new filter and screw tight.
  • Fill about one third of the top bucket with water to check for any leaks.
  • Secure the cotton sock in place over the filter with a rubber band.
Quick Tip: It may take a few days after a new filter has been installed for the flow rate to reach its maximum potential once again.