drinC has developed strategic partnerships with various corporations and NGOs to help facilitate numerous Corporate Social Investment and charity initiatives.

Together, we have successfully provided a number of practical and economically sustainable water treatment solutions to communities in need across southern Africa.

Our Partners

Hippo Roller


In many poor rural communities, people do not have access to water in or near their homes. Women and children are often confronted with the arduous task of walking long distances to collect heavy containers of water every day.

drinC has teamed up with the Hippo Roller in order to improve access to clean water in these areas. The Hippo Roller enables larger amounts of water to be transported more efficiently, while the drinC filter treats the water to remove harmful bacteria. With just one Hippo Roller, people are now able to transport up to 90 litres of water along the ground – almost five times the amount compared to traditional methods!

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The Thebe Foundation

Founded in 1992 as a pioneering BBBEE company, Thebe has grown into one of South Africa's leading African investment management companies.

Through its community development arm, the Thebe Community Development Foundation, and in partnership with drinC, Thebe has become very active in the provision of clean, safe drinking water to communities across southern Africa.

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