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Our aim is to provide debt relief to private and corporate employees, particularly with regards to financial rehabilitation.

Our aim is to provide debt relief to private and corporate employee’s, particularly with regards to financial rehabilitation. The South African Financial services arena has recently seen an unexpected proliferation of products, which in its wake has left a mass number of people in debt. These actions have increased the individual person’s monthly spiral of debt, beyond their control. The credit facilities, easily available to the majority of the lower and middle-income persons, have resulted in an ever-increasing debt spiral. Their “take home” pay has in most cases fallen below the bread line.
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The infrastructure, systems and software developed by D & R Incorporated, positions the company as a revolutionary corporate gateway to debt relief.
Utilising an established network of associates and offices, we have emerged as market leaders in this particular field of Administrators.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help both private and government employee’s to break free from debt. We take great pride in helping families turn around their financial situations and to get a fresh start that everyone deserves.

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Debt review

Debt review program is designed to help you pay off your debt while enjoying legal protection from your creditors. This program offers one installment for all of your debt which gives you more money in your pocket every month. For requirements and more details, book a free meeting with one of our experts!

Administration order

An Administration Order is a Court Order granted in a Magistrates Court in terms of which, a debtor whose total debt does NOT exceed R50000,00, is legally protected from his/creditors and is able to pay a monthly/weekly contribution to such creditors based on what is AFFORDABLE TO THE DEBTOR.