Debt rehabilitation

Administration order

An Administration order can help you get to the next stage of your life while giving you peace of mind that your debt is being paid off. With the installments offered based on your affordability, you can enjoy the financial freedom you deserve!
For individuals whose debts do not exceed the R50 000.00 threshold and are earning a lower income will qualify for a program we offer called Administration order.
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The key benefits to an Administration order are that a debtors monthly obligations to his/her creditors are reduced based on the debtors affordability. With this one installment per month, the debtor will enjoy financial freedom while they are protected from any creditor legal actions and harassment by way of court order

Administration Court Order

An Administration court order is obtained through the Magistrates Court as per the Magistrates court act 32 of 1944 which protects the debtors income and assets. Our Administrator is dedicated and committed to ensuring our clients are protected while they enjoy the financial freedom they deserve.

Administration Order

Main characteristics

  • You will only pay one affordable installment per month for all of your debt.
  • Your debt cannot exceed R50 000.00
  • Judgments can be included.
  • Bonds and vehicle repayments cannot be included as they exceed the R50 000.00 threshold.
  • All garnishee orders (except for maintenance orders) will be removed from your salary deductions.
  • You may not obtain any further credit until all your current debt is paid in full.


  • You will receive protection from your creditors through a court granted order.
  • No more harassment from your creditors
  • You will pay one monthly installment for all of your debt.
  • Sufficient provisions are made for your basic living expenses so that you live comfortably while paying off your debt.
  • A 74U clearance certificate will be issued once you have paid off all of your debt.


  • Original identity document
  • Original salary advice/payslip (not more than 2 months old)
  • Bank statement (1 month)
  • If married in community of property, the above documents are required from your spouse as well as your marriage certificate.
  • Proof of address (not more than 3 months old)